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Post  O'Flynn on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:25 am

I found these posts from another forum about a ghost town called toad hollow
might be interesting to check out


Originally posted by mike rickert

: my son in law was deer hunting in southern New Hampshire and came across a town site. it is 1.5 miles south of highway 119, and 1.5 miles west of highway 32. on topo maps there shows the Barrus cemetary, which is quite large. there are a number of celler holes , but no standing buildings. does anyone know what was here, and what happened to it?

and the answer was

The 1894 topo quad for the Barus cemetary area in Richmond NH shows a community of 8 to 10 houses clustered around the intersections of Sprague Road and Toad Hollow Road, about a half mile east of the cemetary. Are these the celler holes your son saw? By the time the 1935 topo quad was surveyed, the houses are all gone. You may have rediscovered the long lost mythical village of Toad Hollow, NH.

The historical topos are online at and the maps for this part of Richmond are wrwc94ne.jpg and wrwc35ne.jpg.

Sprague Road and Toad Hill Road show as jeep trails on the 1956 topo. But I notice in Terrain Navigator Pro that when I hover my cursor over these roads that street numbers come up (I have the street database loaded) so this area has either been developed since then or is about to be.


more listings for ghost towns in NH

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