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The Top American Cryptids
Cryptids of the Northeast
This region has many cryptids that have been deeply entrenched in the folklore of the northeast for decades.

1. Bigfoot – The Northeast US has a long history of Bigfoot sightings with many reports going back to colonial times. Even today accounts are coming from this region.

2. Champ – Champ is a lake monster that is reportedly in Lake Champlain which borders Vermont, New York, and Quebec. It is regarded as the Loch Ness of America.

3. The Dover Demon – The Dover Demon is a creature which was seen in 1977 in Dover, Massachusetts. It is believed to be some kind of alien or mutant.

4. The Jersey Devil – The Jersey Devil is a creature that is said to live in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. It is believed to be a mix of different creatures.

5. The Great New England Sea Serpent – The Great New England Sea Serpent is a sea monster sighted off the coast of Massachusetts, and has been seen by hundreds of people at a time.

6. Thunderbirds – Thunderbirds have been known to have been in the Northeast states since colonial times, and have appeared in areas such as Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

These are just a few of the more significant cryptids residing in the Northeast, but there are plenty more waiting to be discovered in this region.

Cryptids of the Midwest
The midwestern US has a history of cryptids which have eluded science for decades. Listed among them are:

1.Bigfoot – Several states in the midwest have had various bigfoot reports, and Ohio ranks 4th in the country for the number of bigfoot sightings.

2.The Beast of Bray Road, The Michigan Dogman, and Werewolves – Several states in the midwest have had numerous sightings of a werewolf-like creature called by several different names, such as The Wisconsin Wolfman, or the Michigan Dogman.

3.The Loveland Frog – The Loveland Frog is a biped frog-like creature first seen in Cleveland, Ohio. It had been sighted again by police officers on multiple occasions during 1972.

4.The Hopkinsville Goblins – The Hopkinsville Goblins were alien creatures who were sighted in 1955 near the Kentucky towns of Kelly and Hopkinsville, along with UFOs which were also seen when the creatures appeared.

5.Thunderbirds – The midwest has had multiple thunderbird appearances over the flat plains of some of the
midwestern states.

6.Mystery Felines- The midwest has more than one report of mystery felines roaming the countryside, including the recent shooting and killing of a black panther in Missouri.

Cryptids of the West
The American West is a very scenic area that has some unknown creatures lurking in the mountains. The western U.S. does
not have as many cryptids as the other regions, but they have the most bigfoot sightings.

1. Bigfoot – The western U.S. has many reports of Bigfoot, including three states with the most reports in the country, which include Washington, Oregon, and California.

2. The Shunka Warakin – A strange, wolf-boar like creature seen in Montana by many people. There is a taxidermy of thecreature, and in 2006 a specimen killed 120 sheep and was killed by Montana officials who couldn’t identify the creature.

3. Trinity Alps Giant Salamander – A large salamander said to reside in the Trinity Alps in North California. It is fairly equal in size to the hellbender salamander of the Eastern U.S.

4. Thunderbirds – There have been sightings of Thunderbirds in Washington and the Native Americans in the Pacific
Northwest have legends about thunderbirds.

Cryptids of the South
The South has many cryptids that have put fear in the hearts of the locals for

1. Bigfoot, Skunk Apes, and Swamp Apes – The South has a long history of sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures that live in the swamps and smell even worse than temperate bigfoots. There is even a movie about the Fouke Monster of Arkansas.

2. Mothman – Mothman is a creature sighted in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It was first seen in 1966 and was
accompanied alongside UFO’s and men in black. It is believed to be an alien of some kind.

3. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp – The Lizard Man is a humanoid-like lizard creature seen in Lee County, South
Carolina. The first sighting was in 1988, but there have been more recent sightings.

4. The Flatwoods Monster – An alien-type entity that was seen in Flatwoods, West Virginia. Witnesses first saw a UFO in the sky, and witnesses that encountered the creature got sick because of a mist the creature produced.

5. Thunderbirds - The South has had many thunderbird encounters, some of them going back to the civil war and earlier.

6. Mystery Felines – These felines have been sighted in Virginia and various other states in the South. They are reported to look something like black panthers or black leopards.
These are just a few of the more well known cryptids of the south, but there are plenty more bizarre creatures being reported in that area of the country.

Cryptids of Canada
Canada has many cryptids that live in the largely unpopulated areas of the country. It’s believed that Canada has hundreds of lakes with cryptids living in them.

1. Sasquatch – The Sasquatch is the same creature as bigfoot. Canada is mostly wilderness, so many reports come from
towns that border the wilderness. Sasquatch is seen all over Canada.

2. The Wendigo – A mythical creature that lurks in the forests of Quebec. It makes horrible growling and howling noises, and is said to eat people. To the Native Americans it represented a malevolent cannibalistic spirit, and a giant that ate people.

3. Ogopogo – A lake monster reported to live in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. It was known by the Salish Indians as Naitaka, which means “lake demon”. Many people have seen the creature and there have been recent sightings.

4. Cadborosaurus – A sea serpent reported to live in the Pacific Coast off of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. A carcass was obtained from the stomach of a whale in 1937 but it somehow disappeared.

5. Manipogo – Another lake monster reported to live in Lake Manitoba. The creature has been sighted since 1908. Some people believe the creature is a Basilosaurus meaning King Reptile, which is a marine reptile.

6. Igopogo – A lake monster said to live in Lake Simcoe, Ontario. It’s described as having a dog-like head and a serpent-like body

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