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Post  O'Flynn on Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:14 am

There isnt much listed for Vermont but this is what I have

Bennington College students in the Jennings Hall music studies facility have reported
hearing voices and footsteps, particularly after dark. It was the inspiration for the
Shirley Jackson novel "The Haunting of Hill House".[115]

Southern Vermont College A four year liberal arts college that has an extensive
history of paranormal activity and was investigated by Vermont Spirits Detective

"Bennington Triangle” is name given to denote an area of southwestern Vermont
which at least five or as many as ten people have disappeared between 1920 and
1950.The Bennington Triangle also has been a hotspot for UFO activity, Big Foot
sightings, and strange lights and sounds.[citation needed]

Emily's Bridge , located in Stowe Vermont Gold Brook Bridge is not your ordinary
covered bridge. This bridge is also known as "Emily's Bridge" , due to that it is haunted
by a ghost named Emily. Many people that have visited the bridge have experienced
disturbing paranormal activity. People have reported scratch marks appearing on
vehicles that were parked on the bridge, and being touched or scratched by Emily's
ghost. Often strange noises are heard on the bridge, noises such as footsteps, ropes
tightening, and a girl screaming. Many also have reported seeing a white apparition
around the area of Emily's Bridge

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