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Are you prepared? Empty Are you prepared?

Post  Chief Thinking Bear on Mon May 21, 2012 1:02 pm

I would like to think that I am prepared for most situations. However I know that you can never be over prepared; unfortunatley extreme prepping is very exspensive. It is recommended that you have enough food and water to last three days. I try to keep at least a months supply of canned and dry goods. It doesn't hurt to keep a little extra fuel and keep batteries charged up. As far as long term survival knowing how to live off the land are always good skills to have. I keep and store seeds just in case it gets so bad that I need to grow my own food to survive. Plant some fruit and nut trees as well as berries is a good idea if you have the land. We are lucky to live where we do because of the plentiful resources available. I know apple trees and berries can be found all over the place and usually most of these resources go unutilized. Having power tools and gas powered tools are great but consider having manual tools like axes and saws in case fuel and electricity is unavailable. What are you doing to be prepared ?
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